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The simple form of the building and the use of selected materials with an intentional domestic feel have created a building that is approachable. Screens add relief to the form of the building while providing privacy from the street. A clear tall form marks the entry and provides a deliberate play of textures, providing a crafted approach to the centre with the use of woven bamboo to the soffit and slatted screens. A deep clerestory along the ridge of the building provides natural lighting to the interior corridors that lead to the consultation spaces.




Tasman Nelson Environment Awards  •  Commercial

Sports & Recreation Centre:

The form of the building is deliberately grounded to the north façade to give a human scale where the building meets the playing fields. The blocks of colour used denote the people spaces from the bulk of the main gymnasium area. Inspired by the formation of the surrounding hills the sections of the building climb skyward.

Korimako Lodge:

Hung on a steep precipice overlooking the spectacular wilderness of the Matakitaki Valley the building is designed to frame the magnificent views. The lower level contains guest accommodation opening on to private verandahs, with the upper level being communal spaces. The upper structures frame an external courtyard giving a sense of containment in such a high aspect. The use of light weight timber construction is appropriate to the site both aesthetically and for the practicalities of building in this earthquake prone area. The honest and exposed internal structure cantilevers’ to the outside pergola - reminiscent of the branches of a tree.

Suter Art Gallery:

The deliberate whare form of the structure provides a strong sense of entry orientated towards the city, providing a link through to the botanical garden beyond. The pitched roof forms acknowledge the existing building and in particular the historical Frederick de Jersey Clere gallery, leaving it acknowledged as the foundation building in the complex. The form of the truss at the main entry takes on the appearance of the bishops’ mitre acknowledging the founder of the original gallery, Bishop Suter. The design allows for a people space or plaza to the north of the building a seamless connection to the street.